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Soviet Rocket Guntruck “Broom”
Libyan Rocket Pickup

KFS Miniatures, 1/35 scale




KFS miniatures 35-001 - 1/35 Soviet Rocket Guntruck “Broom” Upgrade Set

Upgrade set for 1/35 Ural 4320 from ICM/Alanger/Revell



A part of BRDM’s hull with UB-32-57 rocket launcher attached to its turret, ready to be mounted on 1/35 Ural 4320 cargo bed. The set also includes additional armour plates for the truck cab.
Such guntrucks were used by the Soviet troops in Afghanistan in 1987 to defend the convoys moved through the valleys and ravines.



Rocket launchers proved to be more effective in firing to the high edges of the valleys than machine guns. These vehicles were nicknamed “?????” ( “Broom” ) by the name of their constructor.

Price: 40$ + 8$ shipping



Link to item: http://kfs-miniatures.com/?wpsc-product=135-soviet-rocket-guntruck-broom-upgrade-set

KFS miniatures 35-002 - 1/35 Libyan Rocket Pickup Upgrade Set

Upgrade set for 1/35 MENG MODELS Pick-up kits



This set contains one rocket launcher with its mount and two ammo boxes – one solid, and one open and filled with rockets. All cast in resin.



UB-32-57 rocket launcher mounted on a technical pick-up was a popular weapon during the Libyan Civil War.


Price: 17$ + 7$ shipping

Link to item: http://kfs-miniatures.com/?wpsc-product=135-libian-rocket-pickup-upgrade-set

Order proceeding time - 7 days.

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