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Friulmodel ATL-80, US M41/ M42 T91E3 track links

by Frank De Sisto

ATL-80, US M41/ M42 T91E3 track links in 1/35 scale white metal for Tamiya, Skybow or AFV Club kits. Contains 160 links and 160 nut/bolt castings, plus steel wire for track pins. Price: $30.00 USD.

These tracks will allow the modeler to fit out any of the kits on the market of the M41. However, I do not know weather the drive sprockets will need modification depending on what kit the modeler chooses. I cannot imagine hanging these tracks on the elderly Tamiya kit with the AFV Club and ex-Skybow kits available, so I would not even worry about that! Hunnicutt’s Sheridan book states that there should be 75 links per side on an M41, so there are plenty of extras in the box.

Again, the modeler should be aware that this is “live” track, so the kit’s idler wheel should be modified in order to enable the tracks to be properly adjusted.

Highly recommended.

Chesapeake Model Designs is the exclusive North American importer and distributor of Friulmodel products, but will ship worldwide. Note also, that the price of these sets has again dropped down to $30.00 USD as a result of currency fluctuations. Friulmodel products are available from CMD at: www.chesapeakemodels.com. New e-mail address is: bill@chesapeakemodels.com. Telephone/Fax: 410-357-5496.