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Elite 113: US Navy SEALs

by Mir Bahmanyar, illustrated by Michael Welply

Osprey Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-84176-807-3, 64 pages

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This is an interesting read. It starts by covering organisation, training and weapon systems – including the boats and heliborne operations – and then goes into detail on SEAL operations. Security restrictions have obviously come into play, but we get at least the basics of every operation from Urgent Fury to Iraqi Freedom. Early missions were not exactly successful in all respects, but the lessons drawn from them weren’t overlooked so it’s a pity that we can’t be told about the latest successful missions.

Missing Links readers may wonder why I review this book since the SEALs don’t operate tanks, but they do (or at least did) have the famous Chenowth desert patrol vehicle as well as other ground vehicles so should be of interest. The plates and photographs show clothing and equipment for a wide variety of theatres, excellent for modelling purposes. How about an Afghanistan diorama? Yes, SEALs were deployed there and they had some hard fighting.


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