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Eduard M2A2 ODS (35656)

by Frank De Sisto

This etch set for the most recent iteration of the Bradley IFV from Tamiya consists of three etched frets, a clear film gun sight and six pages of instructions. Starting from the rear end, there are parts to detail the ramp door and its small exit hatch, specifically for the tow cable clips and clamps, as well as various door latches. There are parts to detail the exterior bins as well as new tail light shrouds, light mounts, and the two odd-sized CIP panels that mount over the bins.

The hull receives new screens where appropriate, as well as exhaust outlet shroud cover and insert. There are all sorts of hooks and rings to detail the hull top as well as details for the driver’s hatch. And of course, there are the usual tool clamps and brackets. There are mud flaps for the rear and two CIP panels for either hull side, as well as various details for the hull side appliqué armor.

The turret gets a new perforated bottom for the bustle rack, storage racks and straps for the 7.62mm ammo boxes and details for the TOW missile launcher container. There is a new perforated end for the 25mm gun muzzle and brackets for the gun sight linkages, while the film is used for the clear external gun sight. Details for the smoke grenade boxes and straps to tie down the baggage included in the kit finish off this set.

Altogether, this should prove to be quite useful to the modeler as nearly all the parts will be easy to apply to the base kit.

Highly recommended.

Eduard products are available at retail and mail order shops and directly from the manufacturer at: www.eduard.cz. Visit their web site for images of reviewed items.