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Echelon Fine Details UK Antenna Flags and Stickers (Part 2) (FL354005)

by Frank De Sisto

Water-slide decal sheet in 1/35th-scale. Price: $14.00 USD, includes shipping.

This is a “Limited Edition” companion sheet to FL354005, reviewed elsewhere on this site. It contains one large and two small Union flags, five St. George’s Cross flags in three different sizes, five Royal Navy Battle Ensigns in three different sizes and six Welsh “Red Dragon” flags in three different sizes. There are four black-outline and two solid red Welsh Dragons for use on vehicle surfaces as well 36 tiny Union flags for uniform patches.

From here on, I’ll quote the review of the first sheet as the comments are identical for both:

Each design is exquisitely rendered in very fine detail, with excellent registration and color saturation. All larger designs feature a small white border with trim marks next to them so that there should be no problem with the edges being rough as a result of the printing process.

The flags will take some skill to use, since the modeler must find a suitable backing for them, such as lead foil (not included). The foil must be prepared by creating at least one perfectly square edge. The decal is then applied and folded over this edge, carefully aligned and allowed to dry. Then it will need to be carefully trimmed and a matte sealer coat applied. I would also prep the surface of the foil with enamel-based paint so that there will be no oxidation beneath the decal. Care will also be needed to mount the flags to the chosen antenna or flag pole. Of course, the use of the sheet’s other items on vehicle surfaces or uniforms, will be as easy as using any other water-slide decal.

There are no instructions included with my samples, but information and a description of the sheet’s contents is given on Echelon’s web site. This may put some off, as may the perceived difficulty that might be encountered in their use. On the other hand, some marvelously-colored models will be the result if these items are properly used.


Echelon Fine Details are available from retail and mail-order shops. Or direct through their web-site at: pachome1.pacific.net.sg/kriegsketten/, e-mail: kreigsketten@pacific.net.sg.