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Decalomaniacs M47s Around the World (DM-031) and T-34/85s Around the World (DM-032) waterslide decal sheets

by Frank De Sisto

Both the legendary Soviet T-34/85 and the (relatively) lesser known US M47 saw extensive post-war service, with the T-34 still soldiering on after nearly 65 years! If I am not mistaken, M47s can still be seen in service, here and there, in ones and twos as well.

The M47 sheet has markings for tanks from Austria (three), France (two), Turkey (two), Portugal (one) and the United States (two) for a total of ten tanks. While the US vehicles are rather plainly marked, the Portuguese and in particular, the French tanks, have quite a bit of color.

The French tank has the markings that I have been eagerly awaiting: those used in the Suez Invasion of 1956. These include a Sphinx and Pyramid as well as various stripes for the turret sides and gun tube. Notes on each scheme list the tank’s colors and muzzle brake styles, as well as types of accessories, such as searchlights that may have been mounted.

The T-34/85 is also full of variety and includes tanks from the following seven nations: Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Hungary, North Vietnam, Poland, Somalia and the Soviet Union. Eras range from Manchuria and Czechoslovakia in 1945, to the Hungarian uprising and Sinai campaigns of 1956, to Vietnam and Somalia in the 1970s. References are listed and must be consulted so that the modeler can determines the precise turret and road wheel style, as well as the location of various on-vehicle fittings and equipment. In the case of both sheets, printing is crisp and in register.

The screening process leaves something to be desired on the Somali T-34’s national insignia, and the Sphinx on the French M47 lacks some smaller detail in its face. But, the register on the Polish checkerboards and Czech roundels on the T-34s, and the roundel on the Austrian M47, is perfect.

Both sets: recommended.

Note: images have some markings shown in black for clarity.

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