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Decalmaniacs Indo-Pakistani Wars 1: Pakistan (DM-025)

by Frank V. De Sisto

Waterslide decals in 1/35th-scale. Contains one, 5 x 7.75-inch decal sheet and instructions. Price: $8.00 USD, plus $3.85 USD Priority Mail shipping in the continental USA. For other areas, contact the manufacturer using the information at the end of this review.

When these guys started making decal sheets, they wisely chose to concentrate on the less widely-covered armies of the world. They have carved out a small niche in the market and they continue to keep things fresh with this latest release.

The set contains three different styles of Arabic numerals; one is solid red, another is solid white, while the third is red, outlined in white. In addition, seven sets of license plates (white type on a black rectangle), ten British-style Arm-of-Service (AoS) flashes (red over yellow rectangles) and ten US-style bridging circles (black numbers over a yellow disk) are provided. These last items have separate numbers (18, 40, 49 and 50) that get layered over the disk so that there are no problems with registration. Finally, there are white turret ID bands, which were supposed to be used since Pakistan and India sometimes operated the same tank types.

Printing is well done and where needed, registration is excellent. These sheets are computer generated and printed so the colors have a “screened” dot pattern, but this is quite fine. Once applied and properly “weathered” into the overall vehicle finish, this should not be an issue.

There are good instructions included, which detail camouflage colors and also explain markings. There are two charts. One translates the Arabic numerals into, well, Arabic numbers! The second chart details the locations of markings on specific vehicle types such as US-supplied M24s, M47s and M48s, as well as Chinese/Soviet T-54 and Type 59 MBTs. Finally, there are references listed for books, which are low-cost and mostly still available.

So, if small armies are your cup of tea, these decals should satisfy.


Decalcomaniacs! can be reached at: 315 South Avenue, Garwood, NJ 07027, USA, or by email at: decals@decalcomaniacs.net. Website: www.decalcomaniacs.net.