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Eduard Challenger II Desert version, 1/35-scale photo-etched brass (35743)

by Frank V. De Sisto

This set is specifically designed for the new Tamiya kit, so those considering using it on the Trumpeter kit should use the earlier set Eduard markets for that specific kit. This particular set contains three frets and five pages of instructions, in the usual clear Eduard style.

With the exception of the included louvered CIP panels, the remainder of this set should prove quite easy to use. The CIP panels have many folds; the frames, in particular will prove to be a bit of a challenge since there are two small folds that have to be made on all four sides, prior to fitting the panels themselves.

The remainder of the set consists of various detailed frames for periscopes and other optical devices, which include wiper blades. Various stowage containers get new hinge, clamp and lock details, while the IR suppressing exhaust shrouds receive several small detail parts.

A completely new tool box is also provided as is a cable reel and its mounts. Tools, tow cables, fire extinguishers and spare track blocks get new mounting hardware, and there are new straps and brackets to mount the external fuel drums. These last items are designed to be used with styrene rod, which is not included.

The various hatches get new handles, hasps and straps, while the fuel filler caps get extra details as well. The loader’s 7.62mm MG receives new sights, pintle, ammo box (with belted ammo) and cradle. The main gun’s travel lock also gets new locking detail parts.

The engine deck can be dressed up with new screens for the forward-most set of grills, as well as various handles for the different doors. These last are, of course, flat and are best replaced with fine wire. There are quite a few smaller detail parts for the fenders, side skirts, hull and turret. The handle-like object attached to some of the appliqué armor modules are also replaced by flat items, but I’d stick with what the kit provides.

In closing, this set is a bit complex due to the inclusion of the CIP panels, so it may not be for the novice. Otherwise, there’s lots of good stuff here.

Highly recommended.

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