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Battle Orders 11: US Army Forces in the Korean War 1950–53

by Donald W Boose, Jr

Osprey Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-84176-621-6, 96 pages

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This is a very detailed look at the US Army’s combat force organisation in Korea, with only occasional reference to USMC, Republic of Korea or other Allied forces so don’t look for their data here. What you do get is a complete breakdown of the US Army’s 8th Army and IX Corps with details of all their combat units. These tables, however, only take 21 pages at the end of the book. All the rest is text, maps and photographs and it gives an excellent overview of US Army doctrine, training, the low state of manpower and equipment at the beginning of the war, how the doctrines were applied and modified, and summary TOEs for almost every type of units engaged. While not of direct relevance for modelling this book does give a very complete background that will be very helpful for modellers wanting to know which units served together at which periods – and yes, the ROK and Allied forces are included in this section.


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