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Bison Decals Croatian Tanks, ’91-95 (BD-35003)

by Frank V. De Sisto

Water-slide decal sheet in 1/35th-scale. Price: $9.00 USD plus shipping.

This sheet contains markings for eight Croatian tanks from the period 1991 to 1995, as seen in use during the horrific war, which broke out after the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

There are markings for six T-55As, a T-34/85M and an M36B2. The T-55As are named “Alf”, “Grom”, “Marina”, “Cedozder”, “Plavi Grom” and “002/Grom”, while the T-34 is named “Pas”, and the M36B2 is named “Topovnjaca”.

These markings, combined with usually quite “artistic” camouflage schemes will make for highly colorful models, using the Tamiya, DML or Academy kits of the above-mentioned vehicles.

The markings and the instruction sheets appear to be very well-researched, and combined with the noted references (both in-print and on-line), should allow the modeler to get maximum use out of the sheets. I checked as many of these markings schemes as I could reference, and can state that they are accurate both in style and content. However, one T-55A (“Alf”) was not found in the stated reference, but I don’t see this as any thing to get worried about.

The decals are printed in the USA by Microscale, so the color saturation is excellent as is the registration. The details on the red and white shields, as well as the various tiger’s heads are quite finely represented. The black and white line-drawn instructions are clear, if a bit complex. Although color information is supplied (and is more than adequate for the task) I strongly recommend that the modeler go on line, where this manufacturer’s web page has color profiles of the vehicles in question.

For the modeler of post-war tanks who is looking for something very different and quite colorful, this sheet can’t be beat.

Highly recommended.

Bison products are available at retail and mail order shops and directly from the manufacturer at: www.angelfire.com/pro/bison. Visit their web site for images of reviewed items and ordering information.