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German Winter Turret Crew

Achtung Jabo No.2

Panzer Art, 1/35 scale

Reviewed by Brett Green



Panzer Art
German Winter Turret Crew - Item No. FI35-100
Achtung Jabo No.2 - Item No. FI35-111

Media and Contents:

Grey resin - see details below





Review Type:



Excellent casting; natural poses; useful as standalone or with a vehicle / diorama.




These two releases will be warmly welcomed by German WWII figure and vehicle modellers.



Panzer Art has sent two of its most recent releases for review.

The first is a three-figure set - German Winter Turret Crew, Item No. FI35-100. These are three full figures that should fit in any 1:35 scale Panzer III or Panzer IV turret that has poseable hatches.



The figures are wearing mid to late-war winter parkas. Two of the figures are leaning out of the side hatches and an officer with a peak cap is in the cupola.

Next up is a single figure offering - Achtung Jabo No.2, Item No. FI35-111. He is designed to be standing in a turret with one hand shielding his eyes and the other arm resting on the unseen cupola. Two alternative heads are supplied – one with a side cap and once bare head. The figure appears to be quite short in height and slight in build. This is nice variation and typical of the era.



Once again, the uniform is mid to late-war style. This versatile figure would be suitable for Western Europe, Southern Europe or summer on the Eastern Front.

As we would expect from Panzer Art, casting quality is flawless on my sample.



Sculpting is excellent, with realistic faces, convincing fabric draping and natural poses.

Clean-up should be fast and easy with small casting blocks and an absolute minimum of flash.

The only downside is that there is no painting guide for the uniforms, but there is plenty of reference online.

These two releases will be warmly welcomed by German WWII figure and vehicle modellers.

Thanks to Panzer Art for the sample www.panzerart.pl

Text and Images by Brett Green
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