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1/35 Scale Diorama Base

Flak / Pak Emplacement

YS Masterpieces


Stock Number and Description

YS Masterpieces AC 35001 - Flak Emplacement
16 euro available online from YS Masterpieces' website    



Media and Contents:

1 resin casting

Review Type:

First Look


Beautifully cast and well packed.




Ideal vignette base for a variety of purposes


Reviewed by Andrew Judson


There is nothing better for me than to be able to build nice compact vignettes, and when a product like this comes out, it just makes it much easier for me.

This is a one piece resin casting of a Flak emplacement, though it could be used in other ways as l intend to very soon.

The quality is excellent and the detail outstanding.

With the right paint job and a little extra ground detail, this will finish into a perfect base for that little dio / vignette you may be planning.



This is a great product and l look forward to other releases that may be available in the future.

Thanks to YS Masterpieces for the sample

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