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WWII British Landing Craft Assault (LCA)

Gecko Models, 1/35 scale




WWII British Landing Craft Assault (LCA)

On the 78th Anniversary of D-Day, it is fitting that Gecko Models should announce its latest 1/35 model.



This is Kit No. 35GM0080, WWII British Landing Craft Assault (LCA) This new model, with its stunning boxart, will be available in September 2022.



A further model, of some of Rommel’s beach defences used in Normandy, will be available at the same time for those who want to incorporate their LCA into a beach diorama.


Beach Defences



Also available in September 2022 will be the following two accessory sets of German beach defences.



These will be useful for any modeller wishing to model the bleak expanses of wide beaches so much associated with the Allied landings in Normandy:

  • Item No. 35GM0081 1/35 Normandy Beach Hedgehog Set

  • Item No. 35GM0083 1/35 Normandy Beach Log Ramps Set

Thanks to Gecko Models for the information and images.