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2023 New Releases Pt.1

Gecko Models, 1/35 scale




Gecko Model has sent the following text and image for about some forthcoming releases:

Gecko Models is to release a number of new models in the following months.



These include a further 1:16 scale PzII model and a trio of 1:35 Quad Gun Tractor variants including a German Beutewagen which will provide an unusual prime mover for the new Pak 40 coming to the market:

  • 16GM0007 Pz.Kpfw II (Sd.Kfz. 121) Ausf. B Modified (French Campaign)
  • 35GM0064 British WWII Tractor, 4x4 Field Artillery (C8 Mk. II Early)
  • 35GM0066 British WWII Tractor, 4x4 Field Artillery (C8 Quad Mk. II Late)
  • 35GM0073 German 4x4 7.5cm Pak 40 Anti-Tank Gun Tractor C8(Beutewagen)



More details closer to release.



Thanks to Gecko for the information and images www.gecko-models.com

Thanks to Gecko Models for the information and images.