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Warrior 95: Japanese Infantryman 1937–45, Sword of the Empire

by Gordon L Rottman, illustrated by Michael Welply

Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd, ISBN 1-84176-818-9, 64 pages.

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Wow! If you model the Pacific Campaign and want to include accurate Japanese soldiers this book is a “must buy”.

It follows the usual Warrior format by covering the career of a typical infantryman from conscription to death on Saipan, with some fascinating information along the way about discipline and rations as well as combat conditions, but what makes it so exceptionally useful is the detailed description of every type of clothing and personal equipment right down to minutae such as mess kits and field ration packs. The weapon coverage is less comprehensive but still useful since it tells you that most items overlapped in service and illustrates most of them.

There are plenty of period photographs of barrack life and training, and though for obvious reasons there are fewer “on campaign” shots the lack is made up by sketches as well as the excellent plates.

Highly recommended!

John Prigent

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