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S.L.C. 200 "Maiale"

Italeri 1/35 Scale

Reviewed by Brett Green


Stock Number and Description Italeri No 5605 S.L.C. "Maiale"
Scale: 1/35
Media and Contents: 45 parts in grey coloured plastic on four sprues, photo-etched fret, instructions plus reference booklet
Price: around 13.99 available from hobby retailers worldwide
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Interesting subject; well detailed; low parts count for a quick build; includes model stand, two figures and reference book
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


The Siluro a Lenta Corsa (Slow Moving Torpedo), nicknamed Maiale (Pig), was an Italian innovation that resulted in the sinking of 16 ships during the Second World War, including the British Battleships Valiant and Queen Elizabeth.

The SLC was a standard torpedo lengthened and modified to accommodate a two-man crew. The theory was for this improvised midget submarine to maneuver through nets and other harbour barriers, reaching the underside of the keel of the intended victim at which point the warhead was attached to a cable, the charge was set and the crew escaped. As unlikely as this strategy sounds, the concept was highly successful.

It seems almost as unlikely that we would see a model of this Slow Moving Torpedo, but here it is.

Italeri's 1/35 scale S.L.C. "Maiale" comprises 39 parts in grey coloured plastic, plus a sheet of clear acetate and a photo etched fret. Two figures are made up from an additional six grey plastic parts.


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Detail is crisp and plentiful, and moulding quality is very good.

Decals are supplied for the instruments on the submarine, with the clear sheet used as a cover and also for the small window in the front shield.

A photo-etched fret supplies parts including the screw, and the delicately detailed screw guard.



A simple stand is provided to ensure that the model can be displayed upright.

The two standing figures display some real personality. Both are wearing their diving suits, with one having the face mask in place.



Construction should be very straightforward.

The instructions are well laid out, and it is nice to see full colour painting guides.

The inclusion of a 36 page reference booklet is a real bonus. This is packed with the history of development and operations, rare wartime photos, colour artwork and many walkaround images of surviving examples.

The package is rounded out with a cardboard fold-out colour artwork.

Italeri's 1/35 scale S.L.C. "Maiale" is a unique, well detailed and interesting model with few enough parts to ensure a fast build. The stand and figures suggest diorama possibilities, while the inclusion of the 36 page book really makes this a one-stop reference and model stop.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Italeri for the sample

Text and Images by Brett Green
Page Created 19 August, 2007
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