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AJ Press 10 – Japanese Armor Volume 2

by Andrew Dextras

A real treat for Japanese WWII armour fans, this bilingual English-Polish language book continues where volume 1 left off. Coverage begins with the Type 97 Chi Ha and Type 1 Chi He. Numerous 1/35 scale line drawings accompagny the period photos and text. The next section is a detailed account of the Japanese armour in the Pacific conflict. Included in this are accounts of action against the Russians, a subject not covered very well in English language publications. Throughout this text are photos of various Japanese armour types in combat as well as maps which illustrate specific actions during the conflict.

The book then continues with some very nice colour plates which feature Type 97 and Type 1 tanks. New to me is a colour plate of a Type 97 in winter whitewash – nice modelling subject! The book finishes off with a short summary of available models: I would have preferred either greater depth to this section or to have left it out entirely and replace it with colour plates or period photos.

There’s a real lack of books covering this subject, unless you count the 2 or 3 Japanese-text-only Delta or Sunday Art publications. AJ Press needs to be commended for continuing this series.

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