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Hussar 35025 Polish Sherman Decals Part 3

by Andrew Dextras

Polish Sherman Decals

A brand new player has appeared on the aftermarket decal scene and this first group of releases will make Allied modellers very happy indeed. This is part 3 of a 3-part set focusing on Polish Shermans. These were some of the more colourful and boldly decorated Shermans in World War II, so it might be the right thing to spice up the old OD M4 series. The sheet contains enough decals to make 15 different Shermans. Sherman types are broken down as follows:

M4A2 – 11 options (4 two-tone med scheme, 7 OD)

Firefly IC (composite hull) – 1 vehicle

Firefly VC – 2 vehicles (check your references to make sure these aren’t the elusive IC based on the welded hull)

M4 105mm – 1 vehicle

Instructions are clear and include unit information and date. Decals have good registration and are reasonably thin. Recommended for all Sherman fans.

AirConnection website: www.airconnection.on.ca