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Tiger I early version tracks

WWII Productions, 1/48 scale


Reviewed by Jay Laverty

Catalogue Number and Description: WWII Productions Set no.48001 - Tiger I early version tracks
Contents and Media: Individual resin track links
Scale: 1/48
Price: $36.00 AUD available via email from WWII Productions
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Well cast, highly detailed, easy to clean up and assemble
Recommendation: Highly Recommended



After assembling WWII Productions Panther tracks recently I had quite justifiably assumed that they were the pinnacle of aftermarket tracks due to their ease of assembly and the quality of casting. However, I was soon to be proven wrong as the Tiger tracks have exceeded even these. WWII Productions have established a reputation for quality in the 35th scale market, and as we will find out with this set, that trend is set to continue into the burgeoning 48th scale market as well.


Divided into left and right handed bags, the set is neatly and easily laid out and clearly described instructions are also included. Upon first opening the packaging, it is quickly apparent that these tracks have been created with both a discerning and creative eye, with a particular attention to quality rivals the best of and easily exceeds most of the equivalent 35th scale offerings of this subject. Hollow guide horns are often overlooked on 35th scale track and would understandably be overlooked in this smaller scale, however no stone has been left unturned by Bill at WWII productions. The ribs and holes are faithfully reproduced resulting in an extremely convincing appearance.

The assembly is another success story, and one of the easiest modelling tasks I have undertaken in a long time. With a longer pin at one end, it is important to make a note of which end is which and click in the long end first. Each link takes all of 2 seconds to join, thus the entire length of assembly for each side is quite literally a ten minute job. The fact that there is absolutely zero clean-up required for the links also greatly helps to expedite the process and is yet another welcome feature of the set, and in my mind places it as some of the highest quality resin I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with in the military side of this hobby.


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In conclusion, I would rate these tracks as easily the best resin tracks I have ever used, regardless of the scale. The quality of WWII Productions casting, the level of detail, and the ease of construction all combine here to make one very special additional detailing set for a very popular and in most cases interesting subject, so personally a rating of 11 out of 10 would not be an overstatement. There really is nothing else you could ask for out of a track set, as personally I fail to see a single failing. They are excellent value for money, and very well done.

What more could you want?

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to WWII Productions for the review sample.

WWII productions may be contacted at:

WWII Productions
PO Box 100 Waratah
NSW 2298
Email: ww2prod@optusnet.com.au


Text and Images by Jay Laverty
Page Created 26 November, 2006
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