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T-34/85 Model 1944

Reviewed by Paul Chatfield



Catalogue Number and Description: Hobby Boss - T34/85 (1944 model)
Contents and Media: 402 parts in grey styrene; copper wire, two clear lenses; multimedia rear vent
Scale: 1/48
Price: around £10.99 available from hobby retailers worldwide
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: High quality moulding; exceptional detail; photo-etched rear vent pre-glued in place; link and length styrene tracks
Disadvantages: You'll need to check references for markings
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


In the last year or so there has been a surge of interest in 1/48 Armour, inspired mainly by Tamiya’s new releases. But now there’s a new kid on the block, Hobby Boss from China. I must admit to not having heard much about Hobby Boss before these kits appeared, they are, apparently, associated with Trumpeter.

Now to the Kits. Hobby Boss currently offers a range of Shermans and T43s in 1/48. The Hobby Boss T34 kits have a complete interior, and I mean complete; Engine compartment with engine, Gearbox and Suspension detail, Drivers position and a complete turret interior with Ammunition. The kit claims 402 parts over 14 sprues.

The detail is overall pretty crisp and nicely done. The Upper and lower Hulls and the Turret feature moulded details on both inside and out. The exterior details are finely done and crisp, the interior is pretty good but both the turret and upper hull will need a little clean up as they suffer small ejector pin marks.


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Tracks are of the link and length type and come with a handy set of formers to help build them up to the correct shape. The upper run of tracks also features convincing sag between road wheels. Detail is again good and crisp, but once again ejector marks are present. These are small and shouldn’t be too hard to remove, although it may be rather tedious as there are two marks on every other link.

There is a little bag of extra detail parts included with the Kit, this includes a braided copper wire for the tow cable, 2 clear lenses for headlights and a really neat injection plastic engine grille, with the PE insert moulded in. I’ve never seen this done before and it certainly looks the part. These little details are really welcome and useful additions all adding to the overall quality feel of the kit.

A colour-painting guide is provided for one colour scheme. This is a little at odds with the decal sheet which seems to have markings for at least 3 vehicles including what look like Chinese markings. The modeller may want to check some references to confirm positions for these other markings. The decals are well printed, thin and in perfect register.

To summarise, this looks like a really great kit. The amount of detail included would be impressive in 1/35 but in 1/48 it’s remarkable, especially considering it’s price. I paid £10.99 for this kit at Panther models eBay shop, now that’s a bargain in anyone’s book! The Sherman kits are a similar price but don’t include an interior, which is a shame. All the same Hobby Boss has just upped the game in 1/48 Armour.

Go on, try one. You know you want to!

Highly Recommended

Text and Images by Paul Chatfield
Page Created 08 October, 2006
Page Last Updated 17 February, 2007