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M3 Suspension for Tamiya Sherman kits

MR Models, 1/48 scale

Previewed by Jay Laverty



Catalogue Number and Description: MR Modellbau item no. 4827 - M3 Suspension conversion for Tamiya Sherman kits
Contents and Media: Grey resin
Scale: 1/48
Price: Price TBA -  available online from MR Modellbau website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Good quality casting; great fit; simple replacement for Tamiya kit parts; includes rubber block tracks; will permit the modelling of an interesting variety of vehicles.
Disadvantages: Tracks retain ejector pin marks (inside surfaces only)
Recommendation: Recommended



New for the Tamiya M-4 Sherman is an excellent set from MR Modellbau, M3 Style bogies.

MR Modellbau are certainly pushing the boat out when it comes to 48th scale British Sherman accessories and conversions, although these could also be used to make American vehicles I am sure, although why you would want to is beyond me. Just kidding of course!

This set will allow modellers to create the early variants of the M4A1 that utilised the M3 style bogie with the centrally mounted return roller, which were of the type used by the British at the first battle of El-Alamein for instance, as was featured in 35th scale in Steve Zaloga’s and Peter Brown’s brilliant feature in Military Modelling a couple of years back.

The detail on each casting is crisply reproduced and the actual casting is very well executed. Bolts have been added in appropriate places on the suspension arms and the actually bogie, so I am fairly impressed with the set overall. The only slight let down is the tracks, as they have been directly cast from the Tamiya parts after having had the rubber blocks sanded back. The interior side still retains the ejector pin marks, which I would have liked to have seen removed personally. However, this is a minor picking point, and one of personal choice, as they will not be any hardship to remove.

I have quickly built up one of the bogies as you can see in the accompanying images, and the fit is excellent. They come up looking the part, and I can envision how different and interesting the completed assembly will be.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

There will be some variety in markings for British vehicles as they were used on M4A1’s as well as a couple of Sherman III’s (M4A2) as I recall seeing at least one Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry Sherman III with this configuration when Peter Brown sent me the plethora of reference images when I was working on the George article last year.

Overall, I would give this set a good recommendation despite the tracks, as it is well cast, well detailed, and offers something a little out of the ordinary.


Thanks to Frank Berger and MR Modellbau for the samples

Text and Images by Jay Laverty
Page Created 24 March, 2007
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