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M4A1 Sherman Early Production
Upper Hull and Turret
Direct Vision

MR Models, 1/48 scale



Catalogue Number and Description: MR Modellbau item no. 4825 - M4A1 Sherman Early Production Upper Hull and Turret Direct Vision Conversion
Contents and Media: Four parts in grey resin
Scale: 1/48
Price: Price to be advised - available online from MR Modellbau website
€14.97 available online from Quarter Kit's website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Useful transformation of Tamiya's M4; the only option for an early 1/48 scale M4 Sherman; good quality casting; minimal preparation required; simple construction.
Disadvantages: Tow cable cradles left off; possibly overscale casting numbers; more detail in instructions would have been nice.
Recommendation: Recommended

Reviewed by Jay Laverty



It wouldn’t be correct to say that along with the recent explosion in the market of 1/48 scale kits, came heaps of accessories, however there are quite a few. The largest of the resin producers to embrace 1/48 scale armour is Verlinden, however MR Modellbau from Germany are every bit as eager and are quickly and consistently expanding their range. After having been treated to several detail sets for the Sherman, including British stowage (which will come in handy with what I have planned for this set), we are given the M4A1 hull with direct vision slots.

In reality the early M4A1’s were slightly tidier than their later counterparts and this hull accurately depicts that neatness. However, the cradles for the tow cable have been left off which will be a bit of a pain to either carefully scrape or saw off the Tamiya hull, or scratch-build.


There is a textured surface to the hull and to the turret that is pretty good in places as far as cast surfaces go, although it could be slightly improved with the help of something like Cast-A-Coat. The turret is textured the same way, while also having some additional details added. Fastener detail has been added to the mantlet, and the mantlet itself has been added to the turret. The good news is that the interior part has been left alone and if you cut out the membrane in the opening the barrel will be able to be elevated and depressed (although what it has to be depressed about is beyond me…). One detail I am not sure whether to like or dislike is the casting numbers. They should be a welcome addition to the models overall detail, however, I am not convinced with the font, nor their size, as I think they are a little too big.

You will need to work out for yourself that the pistol port in the kit will need to be cut apart in order to use the door on the resin turret, as there is no mention of this fact whatsoever in the instructions. In fact The instructions omit a couple of points, one other being the fact that the turret ring from the kit needs to be re-shaped to be circular before it can be added to the hull.


Things may not sound too promising by reading the above, but taking everything there as is could be somewhat misleading. Granted there are one or two spots in here that could be slightly improved, but overall the detail is more than acceptable, and will make up into a fantastic conversion, particularly if you want to make the early British Shermans fighting in North Africa.


Thanks to Frank Berger and MR Modellbau for the samples

Text and Images by Jay Laverty
Page Created 29 April, 2007
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