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M4 Sherman British Army Update and Stowage

MR Models, 1/48 scale

Reviewed by Jay Laverty


Catalogue Number and Description: MR Modellbau item no. 4808 - M4 Sherman British Army Update and Stowage
Contents and Media: 49 parts in grey resin
Scale: 1/48
Price: 18,50 € available online from MR Modellbau website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Good quality casting; wide variety of stowage, on-vehicle equipment and customising options; large quantity will be enough for at least two vehicles.
Disadvantages: Some pinholes; no instructions
Recommendation: Recommended



Admittedly things did not get off to a great start with this set, as there is a fair amount of bubbles in the resin at some very inconvenient places, and my initial impression was plagued with reservations.



Despite this fact one thing is very apparent and that is the fact that you get a lot of kit here for your money. This set is packed out with just about everything you could want to pop onto a British Sherman.


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As we move along through a closer examination of the parts, things continue to improve, and my estimation of the set increases accordingly. There is a plethora of accurately reproduced detail, and it is apparent that a great deal of care and effort has gone into the masters. Far from simply casting some reworked parts, there is a fair amount of scratch building apparent, and all of it done to the highest quality. Loaded with several bundles of stowed gear, depending on how much you want to put on one tank, this set will easily extend to a couple of models, and will no doubt add some filling to the spares box.

I was very pleased to see several POW cans although the handles are moulded on as solid, and this is one thing I will need to alter myself when using them on a model, although they will easily be more than passable as is.

While not remarkable for their inclusion with the set (as they would be expected to go with any British conversion), the fire extinguishers, are an extremely pleasing addition. They have been cast without the brackets, thus making their inclusion with photo-etched parts much easier.

Rounded out with British ammunition boxes, various details including the early type searchlight, this set is a very well thought out offering.

Once again my only reservation comes from the air bubbles that permeate a great deal of the parts, although these will not take any serious work to correct, they can be done without.

I give this set a good recommendation, and thanks to MR Modellbau for giving the British armour fans out there the opportunity to convert their 48th scale Sherman’s into Commonwealth subjects, thus opening the spectrum for markings into some very colourful options rather than olive drab or olive drab and in a pinch,…olive drab. Of course mine could well end up olive drab. There are those among us who remain sceptical about 48th scale armour ( I’m looking your way Peter Brown! :-D ) but I think that as long as we keep getting quality accessories and releases in this scale it will continue to grow and become more accessible.


Thanks to Frank Berger and MR Modellbau for the samples

Text and Images by Jay Laverty
Page Created 10 December, 2006
Page Last Updated 06 January, 2007