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M4 Sherman US Army Update and Stowage

MR Models, 1/48 scale



Catalogue Number and Description: MR Modellbau item no. 4807 - M4 Sherman US Army Update and Stowage
Contents and Media: 49 parts in grey resin
Scale: 1/48
Price: 16,50 available online from MR Modellbau website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Good quality casting; wide variety of stowage, on-vehicle equipment and customising options; large quantity will be enough for at least two vehicles.
Disadvantages: A few pinholes here and there; no instructions
Recommendation: Recommended



There is certainly no shortage of 1/48 scale Sherman kits these days, so it is pleasing to see MR Modellbau's update and stowage set for US Army M4s.

This detail set is packed with 49 pieces of on-vehicle equipment, stowage and even minor conversion items, all cast in grey coloured resin.

Amongst the most interesting items are log armour for the hull sides, and two different styles of sandbag armour - one for the M4 and one for an M4A1. These parts might be used to disguise some of the shortcomings of the new 1/48 scale Hobby Boss M4 Sherman hulls!



The other parts are smaller but equally useful. These include covered luggage for the engine deck, spare road wheels, various boxes (wooden crates, ammo containers, food boxes etc), canvas bags and bedrolls, cans and containers, various styles of spare tracks and more.

You would be hard pressed to use all of this stowage on a single vehicle.

Although this set is specified for the M4, most of the stowage and equipment could be used on any US Army WWII vehicle.

Casting quality is generally very good, with only a few pin holes here and there in larger and longer parts. There is a list of parts but no instructions as such. This should not be a problem to most modellers.

MR Modellbau's M4 Sherman US Army Update and Stowage set will be heartily welcomed by 1/48 scale modellers of Allied subjects.


Thanks to Frank Berger and MR Modellbau for the samples

Text and Images by Brett Green
Page Created 22 October, 2006
Page Last Updated 09 December, 2006