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German Tank Crew (Summer)

Squad 48 , 1/48 scale


Reviewed by Jay Laverty

Catalogue Number and Description: Squad 48 - German Tank Crew (Summer)
Contents and Media: Grey resin
Scale: 1/48
Price: around GBP12.00
Review Type: FirstLook and Construction Preview
Advantages: Excellent casting; good poses; minimal cleanup required.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended



With 1/48 scale beginning to establish itself as a serious option for armour modelling, it was inevitable that some serious figure sets would start to appear to accompany the models.

Judging by what can be seen in this new release, the Art of War range of figures will be a very welcome addition to this market. Considering the fact that there are already a few sets available from this company, I hope that they will have a positive enough response to the range to inspire AOW to continue to release figures in this scale.

The sculpting of the figures is excellent, and the poses equally well articulated. As you can see from the accompanying images, there is very little clean-up required with the resin parts, and they fit very well together, with only the minimal amount of filler needed in assembling them. Cast in very high quality resin, there are virtually no air bubbles to contend with, as a matter of fact I can't think of any that were visible on any prominent parts of the figures.


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Unfortunately my figure painting abilities are not going to win me any Euro Militaire accolades, as you can see with the figure I used from this set on my 1/48 scale Panther. Hopefully what it will show is that, even in the hands of an average figure modeller, this set of figures will add to any German tank you decide to use them with.



Personally I rate this set very highly and would recommend them without any reservation to anyone.

Highly Recommended

Text and Images by Jay Laverty
Page Created 04 February, 2007
Page Last Updated 03 February, 2007