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"Bergtiger" Conversion

Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner


Stock Number and Description Calibre 48 1/48 scale “Bergetiger” conversion Kit 48-004
Scale: 1/48
Media and Contents: 22 pieces in grey resin
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Interesting subject; well cast parts; excellent detail; no fuss fit.
Disadvantages: Cupola cast shut; probably not really a Bergtiger (but it was a real vehicle).
Recommendation: Recommended



Although often referred to as a “Bergetiger”, this support vehicle is really quite an enigma. Much debate has raged over its role, with one of the arguments being that it was used for handling explosives, mine clearing etc.

The conversion set is designed for the Tamiya kit so using those from other manufacturers could be problematical. This is due to the resin turret roof being fitted onto the lower surrounds of the plastic kit item.



Speaking of resin, the Calibre offering contains 22 parts. All are cast to a very high standard, being free of both air bubbles and warping. The detail is superb and the scale-like appearance is excellent.

The cupola is a single piece moulding with the hatch in the closed position. Those wanting this area open are in for a bit of surgery.


The instructions are quite good regarding the assembly of this kit and along with the box-top photo, there should be few if any problems. The only thing needed from the modeller’s own supply is the cable. Note that this should be used in such a way as to convey the weight of the equipment hanging from it…something not always conveyed in completed models.

Also pointed out in the instructions is the need for a mid production tiger. Thus a few modifications to the Tamiya kit are necessary to match the vehicle you wish to represent. The addition of zimmerit may challenge some, but it isn’t as daunting as it appears.

The contents come in a sturdy cardboard box so despite the delicate nature of some of the parts, there were no breakages.


If you want to give your Tiger some uniqueness then this conversion set is an excellent start.

The turret roof is the proverbial “drop fit” so there is no hassle trying to cut up the plastic kit. It is of the correct asymmetrical shape and the casting of all parts is first class.

If only the Germans had converted more vehicles from which to choose…


Thanks to Calibre 48 / Aires for the review sample

Text and Images by Rob Baumgartner
Page Created 25 July, 2006
Page Last Updated 30 July, 2006