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British Tank Crew (Winter)

Squad 48 , 1/48 scale


Reviewed by Brett Green

Catalogue Number and Description: Squad 48 AOW4806 - British Tank Crew (Winter)
Contents and Media: Grey resin
Scale: 1/48
Price: around 15 Euros available to order by email to Paul Quek on paul@minially.com
Review Type: FirstLook and Construction Preview
Advantages: Excellent casting; good poses; easy cleanup and assembly; versatile usage for British vehicles and dioramas
Recommendation: Highly Recommended



In addition to their British Tank Crew WWII Summer crew reviewed last week, artOFwar has released a 1/48 scale "British Tank Crew, WWII Winter" set in the Squad48 series. The set comprises three resin full figures broken down into eight parts.

The resin parts are perfectly cast with not so much as a single pin hole in my entire sample set. Some of the parts have casting strips which must be removed. These strips are in locations that are easy to access with a sharp hobby knife for removal.

The three full figures are all presented in relaxed poses, permitting maximum flexibility for dioramas and vignettes. Detail is just gorgeous, with good faces and realistic fabric on the uniforms.

I have cleaned up and assembled all three figures, as may be seen below.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Cleanup and assembly of all three figures took a total of around 20 minutes. The arms are attached via square locating pegs fitting into a corresponding hole in the shoulder socket, making correct alignment a certainty. Similarly, the necks are long and fit securely into sockets at the top of the bodies.

There are no gaps between the parts once they have been assembled.

I have posed the figures with my 1/48 scale Fighting 48th Sherman Firefly conversion, but they will be equally at home resting against any British armoured vehicle in Northern Europe or Italy.

Squad 48's British Tank Crew, WWII (Winter) are beautifully detailed, simple to assemble and will lend context and scale to your 1/48 scale military vehicles and dioramas.

Highly Recommended

Thanks to Paul from artOFwar for the review sample

Text and Images by Brett Green
Page Created 03 March, 2007
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