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Adalbertus Preview
Figures, Decals and Accessories in 1/48 scale




Wotjek from Adalbertus has sent information and images about a number of new releases in 1/48 scale:

I would like announce that new 1/48 sets from Adalbertus are now available.

48-002, US Tank Crew ETO 1944
48-508, US Stowage for M4 Sherman
48-506, Siegfried Line's Road Barrier

The next 1/48 tank crew set, accessory sets and decals are prepared to be released in mid October.

See Adalbertus' website for ordering details:

Thanks to Wotjek Bulhak for the images and information

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Text and Images by Adalbertus
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