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Pioneer SV/2S Heavy Recovery Tractor

Accurate Armour, 1/48 scale



Catalogue Number and Description: Accurate Armour item no. K48011 - Pioneer SV/2S Heavy Recovery Tractor
Contents and Media: Resin and decals
Scale: 1/48
Price: from £55.31 available online from Accurate Armour's website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Versatile crossover subject; very high quality casting; excellent detailing inside and out; full-colour instruction booklet; includes many decal options.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended for experienced modellers

Accurate Armour's 1/48 scale Pioneer SV/2S is available online from Mission Models


You can be guaranteed of a couple of things whenever you purchase an Accurate Armour kit.

First and perhaps the most obvious is that it will be accurate - painstakingly researched and full of intricate detail, an Accurate Armour kit represents the benchmark for detail and quality.

Second is a multitude of markings options and the information to go with them. This kit is no exception and the decal sheet covers a wide variety of units in just about every theatre of operations during WWII from a variety of units.

You can also count on the fact that the casting will be top rate, and this kit certainly carries on that tradition with style, superbly catching all of the incredible detail to perfection throughout the multitude of intricate parts.


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The model is extremely thorough in its detail, starting with the chassis and winch, both aspects being accurately reproduced and actually quite astonishingly done considering the diminutive scale. The front and rear suspension can both be left free to move and the front wheels can also be made to steer. The cab has several high points and in particular the cushions are very well rendered, the only unfortunate aspect being that they will be somewhat difficult to see on the completed model. The engine is also comprehensive which is a benefit, as the engine side covers can be left off; as was done in reality to aid in the prevention of overheating.

It is the small details in which this kit really excels and the inclusion of an etched tool box complete with an assortment of tools illustrates this point perfectly. Chain, rope, POW cans and several other items likely to be found on a wartime wrecker are included making this one very thorough model indeed.

If there is one slight drawback in this kit, it is something that Derek pointed out to me straight away, which I thought it would be best to pass onto everyone is the fact that the roundel is too large for the cab roof. It is really an insignificant problem, and considering that it is the only error Accurate Armour have made in the kit, I would think we are well ahead on points. Speaking of decals; they are in perfect register, and the fact that they are produced by Fantasy Printshop is an assurance of quality in itself.

In summary, I would personally rate this kit very highly and recommend it to anyone with an interest in 48th scale armour. This scale lends itself very well to diorama’s do to its smaller size, and with the addition of kits such as this one, the doors to many a diorama idea are being opened.

Highly Recommended.

Available from: http://www.accurate-armour.com

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Port Glasgow
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Tel: 01475 743955

Thanks to Derek Hanson for the sample

Accurate Armour products are available from their website

In the USA, Accurate Armour products are also available from Mission Models Website

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