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Warrior MAOV

Revell, 1/72 scale

by Wayne Bowman



Here are some images of my recently completed Revell 1/72 Warrior, incorporating a multimedia set from CMSC as well as some scratch built elements, to convert it to a Warrior MAOV (Mechanized Artillery Observation Vehicle). Also used was the photoetch set from Extratech.

Vehicle makings are for a 40 Reg. Royal Artillery MAOV, with SFOR in Bosnia in 1998, and come from a Bison Decals sheet.


Unfortunately, I learned a hard lesson with this model the other day when I was taking some more pictures of it:

photofloods = hot
models = plastic
heat + plastic = BAD!

Suffice to say, this one won't be making it to any of the local model shows in its current state.

Oh well...

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Model, Images and Text by Wayne Bowman
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