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Leningrad Tiger I

Dragon, 1/35 scale

by Andrew Judson

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This is Dragon's 1/35 scale initial Tiger 1 built straight out of the box, which l found to be excellent in all ways. I really enjoyed building it.

It was painted to represent a tiger in Leningrad in the two tone winter scheme.



As you can see, l painted mine to look fairly weather beaten and muddy.

The mud was done using Chromacolor Acrylic paint mixed with fine sand and white glue. It was then applied with an old brush by stippling it on. To give it that wet look l just applied Tamiya Acrylic Clear with a Brush.

The figures are from Verlinden's Winter Tankers set and were all painted with Tamiya, Citadel, and Vallejo Acrylics.



I really enjoyed building and painting this kit.

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Model and Text by Andrew Judson
Images by Brett Green
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