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Tiger II

Tamiya, 1/35 scale

by Michael Tay



Here is my 1/35 Dragon King Tiger built mostly out of the box.

The only additions are some grab handles made of copper wire.

The kit was painted with Tamiya and Gunze Acrylics.

The camouflage pattern outline was first hand painted. The larger areas were then airbrushed. Post shading was done with Tamiya red brown and black.



After a gloss coat, the model was washed with raw umber and black oil paint. After decal application and Humbrol flat, it was dry brushed with Tamiya and Vallejo Acrylics. 2B pencil was then used for Chipped Paint.

The tracks were painted Tamiya Flat Earth then washed with Raw Umber and Black Oil paint. Red and Brown Pastel chalks were diluted with Tamiya Acrylic thinner and slopped onto the tracks and lower hull. Any excess was wiped with Tamiya Thinner on a Q tip. The same mixture was splattered from a stiff brush on the lower front and rear hull.



The cables were painted Vallejo black grey and burnished with graphite powder (from 2B pencil)

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Model, Images and Text by Michael Tay
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