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Tiger II (Henschel turret), sSSPzAbt.501 Ardennes 1944
Hartmut von Holdt

The base kit is from Tamiya. Tracks are from DML. Photo-etch parts are a mix from ABER and EDUARD. Many parts were sratch-built. The hard edge cammo scheme is painted with Modelmaster and Revell enamels, and was created with the help of Humbrol Maskol. On a basecolor of Dunkelgelb I painted Maskol patches where I want the Dark Yellow cammo patches to appear later. Next I sprayed the whole tank green. Then I again used the Maskol to paint the cammo patches where wanted green to appear later with the Maskol from the first step still in place. Finally I sprayed the tank brown (except the wheels, because on a real Tiger the base color was green). After removing the Maskol cover I painted the edges here and there with a brush to make the edges as sharply definded as possible – but most of the cammo work was done with the Maskol and airbrush technique. The turret numbers are hand painted, and weathering was done with Schmincke artist pastel chalks. The figure was made from Tamiya and DML parts.