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Hanomag halftrack with Schwimmwagen, towing the Nebelwerfer (1/16)
Uwe Henning

This is the Hanomag 3-ton halftrack, loaded with Eduard Schwimmwagen and towing the Kirin Nebelwerfer in 1/16 scale. The idea was taken from the Arnheim book, where one image is showing a Famo carrying the Schwimmwagen. Measurements were taken from the 3-ton Entgiftungskraftwagen in Munster.
The Hanomag is fully workable model, featuring all driving functions including head & taillights, by remote control. Built from Polystyrol, brass,copper and wood material, fitted with 0,6; 1; 1,2 up to 2 mm screws and nuts. The canvas is an old trouser sewed on a machine by myself. Driver is done by using “magicsculp” featuring head and hands from the 1/16 Tamiya Tiger commander. The tracks and trackrollers were taken from the Tamiya Panther converted with rubber pads, which, of course, historically & from a technical point of view is not 100 % correct, but offered a perfect base for the remote control idea. Painted with Tamiya acrylics; Humbrol and some pastels