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Panther Ausf G
Mirko Bayerl


Panther Ausf,G with F.G.1250 (IR) See low heights,April 45

Panther nr 122 was commanded by Feldwebel Hoffmann.  It first saw action with the IR-equipment between Gusow and Seelow (east of Berlin) around april 1945.  It is hard to confirm total succsess,but indeed many Russian tanks and AT guns were destroyed that night by the unit.  All in all there were 10 Panthers in a IR-company, supported by 3 UHU and Falke SPW,s (zug.Lt Draeger,Company Hptm.Steuer).This unit 1./29 (Pz.Div Müncheberg) was commanded by Oberlt.Rasim.  On the engine deck there were two Grenadiers with IR-MP.44 (Z.G.1229) to protect the commander  and the vehicle during the night.After the first night action with IR the 1./29 never saw action again as a whole unit.  One Panther (121) saw light action in the center of Berlin.

Panther 122 was destroyed and knocked out east of Berlin in late April. The crew survived but the commander lost his arm and the others were lightly wounded.  In this area was also other units (company) with IR Panther in action. There is some speculation why the Russians used the big searchlight around Seelow heights -it is liekly because they knew that the Germans used IR in this area and the IR Panther would not operate succsessful under such circumstanses.The IR panther was also "blind" in rain,fullmoon,fog etc .