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Opel Blitz 3 Ton Truck and Maultier

Twenty-first Century Toys, 1/32 scale

photos and report by Ian Robertson



With the growing popularity and ever-increasing variety of 1/32 scale aircraft kits on the market, modelers may be interested in adding accessory vehicles to vignettes or dioramas to help give their models a sense of scale and atmosphere.  Until now, options have been limited primarily to 1/35 scale plastic model kits that require complete assembly.  Although these undersized vehicles may suffice, there are now affordable options in 1/32 scale. 



Twenty-first Century Toys offers a variety of 1/32 scale armor and support vehicles.  Constructed from die-cast metal and plastic, these durable vehicles come well detailed and painted and require minimal assembly.  They also offer modelers an excellent starting point for advanced detailing, painting and weathering. 

Two of the vehicles produced by Twenty-first Century Toys are presented below: a German 3-ton standard truck and a German halftrack.  Both are shown as they come out-of-the-box following minimal assembly.  They feature rotating wheels, moveable doors and engine hoods, and rear gates that can be opened and closed.  The halftrack comes with flexible rubber tracks.

3 Ton Standard Truck
(aircraft is Hasegawa 1/32 Fw.190A-5)


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Sd.Kfz. 4 Halftrack (figures are Dragon 1/35 scale)


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Thanks to Roy Sutherland from Twenty-first Century Toys for providing these samples.


Text & Images by Ian Robertson
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