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PzKpfw V (Neubaufahrzeuge A)
Mark Bannerman

This is an NbFz, otherwise known as the PzKpfw V (Neubaufahrzeuge A), and better known as "Hitler's Propaganda Machine". Six were produced and sent to Norway in 1940. None survived. The only surviing relic is a piece of a track found somewhere in Finland. The kit is a JK Original (now out of production) in 1/35 scale with metal tracks. The kit was heavily reworked to bring it as close to accurate as possible. It was painted in Humbrol enamels PZ Grey, lightly airbrushed in various lighter shades of the base and weathered almost exclusively with artist dry pastels mixed with Tamiya paint thinners. The markings depict an NbFz of Pz. Abt.z.b.V..40. The transfers are Archer Fine Transfers and the white elephant head on the front hull is a home made decal.