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Jagdpanzer IV / 70 (V)

Dragon, 1/35 scale

by Brian Murdoch

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Here is my 1/35 scale PzKpfw IV / 70 (V) of 1st SS Pz Division , Kampfgruppe Hansen Ardennes December 1944.

The vehicle wears distinctive "disc" camouflage.


This is the Dragon kit modified to the earlier model plus Modelkasten track, Aber and Lionroar photo etch,Tamiya and Dragon roadwheels on Tristar suspension units ,Moskit exhaust, Tamiya tools and Jack.

My Jagdpanzer is painted using Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics.

The figure is modified from a Gunze Sangyo resin item, including various detailing and corrections .


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Model, Images and Text by Brian Murdoch
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