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FT 17 in Canadian Service 1945

RPM 1/35 scale

by Don Dingwall


I recently completed this 1/35 scale FT 17 in Canadian service, circa 1945. This vehicle represents the 'end of days' for our training tanks at war's end, hence the markings in chalk "SURPLUS" and "SCRAP".

It is a combination of the RPM plastic and the H&K resin kits, along with some useful bits from the On The Mark photo etch set.



The empty gun cradle in the turret is scratchbuilt as are some of the details in the driver's compartment.

Rusting was done using a product called "Sophisticated Solutions" two part formula of a metallic surfacer and a rusting solution. Application is fairly simple: apply the metallic surfacer with an old brush in the areas you want. It will brush on with a thick, dark grey consistency. Leave this to dry for a day or so, then apply the rusting solution to it. In a short time the metallic solution will turn a rust colour. One of the nice features of this product is that with more applications of the rusting solution, the result becomes gradually more orange, allowing the modeller to adjust to the correct rusty tone they desire. The heavy tow chain was treated in the same manner. Brushes clean up with tap water.


My FT 17 was painted with a combination of Polly S and Tamiya paints, and weathered with oils and pastels.

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Model and Text by Carlos Blanco
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