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Roco M-667 Lance Missile Carrier

Matthew Malogorski

I have always wanted to build a model of the M-667 Lance Missile Carrier, and a kit in 1/35th scale does not exist. (Unless you want to do some serious scratch building!) I found this Roco Mini Tanks kit in my local hobby shop for $8.00, and decided I would have some fun. It is a typical Roco kit that comes pre-assembled with add on parts. The instructions are decent, but no decals or painting guide is included. After disassembly I made the following modifications.

The Missile Erector/Launcher was pretty well detailed, but oversimplified. I made the missile guide rail from Plastruct H channel and Evergreen plastic strip. (Without this modification, the missile alignment pins are visible, and the missile does not sit very securely on its mount). The missile erector locking hook was also made from Evergreen strip that was punched with a punch & die, then sanded to shape. The locking hook was then detailed with hinge pins added from 2 Grandt Line Nut/Bolt/Washer castings. The missile erector locking collar was missing the locking pins, so I also added these from 2 Grandt Line Nut/Bolt/Washer castings. The missile erector traverse motor was added from an Athearn 1/87th scale speed recorder. (A model railroad part from my dad’s spare box.) Hydraulic pipes and electrical wiring was added to the bottom of the missile erector from plastic rod and stretched sprue. The elevation wheels and mounts were detailed with a Waldron Sub Miniature Punch & Die Set.

The Missile was assembled from the 3 kit pieces and the seams filled and sanded. Once that was done, I thinned the wings for a more scale appearance. I painted the missile Model Master Field Drab and added all the stenciling and warning placards from a combination of decal stripes and 1/72nd scale aircraft decals. The missile was added as the last sub-assembly to the model once it was finished.

The Cargo Area/Missile Bay required a little bit of work that Roco missed. I added rib detail to the inside of the missile bay sides from Evergreen strip. (Match the ribs your adding to the ribs molded on the outside of the hull to keep them in alignment and spaced properly.) Missile erector travel bump stops were added from Athearn 1/87th scale fuel filler caps. (2 per side on the track sponsons.) The missile bay control box was made from Evergreen sheet and glued behind the Driver’s Compartment.

The Outer Hull had some very easy things done to improve the appearance of the model. I lowered the rear ramp into the blast position. The headlight glass was simulated with clear gloss painted over Testor’s silver. (The headlights are too small for MV lenses.) The rear taillights are done with Tamiya Clear Red.

The Paint finish is airbrushed with Model Master Israeli Sand, then dry brushed with Model Master Dark Green. The tracks and rubber portions of the sand shields are painted flat black. I added Maneuver Markings made from individual pieces of white decal stripes per my references. A very light dusting of pastel chalk wrapped up the weathering.

The model sits in a Vehicle Revetment made from inch Styrofoam, and Sculptamold mixed with sand and gravel.


This was a really fun kit. It has some really pretty surface detail, is very easy to assemble, and looks really cool when finished. I know of no other model of this particular vehicle in any scale. Highly recommended to any modeler.

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