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Part Photo Etch for M1A1 Abrams

Ian Hanratty


Recently visitors to the BRAILLE SCALE Discussion Group, will have read about a small scale range of etched metals sets  produced by PART models. after some searching I was  told by Matt Bitner about the JADAR site at jadar@jadar.com.pl  I visited this site and was amazed to see the photo of the M3 half track kit with etched metal sides very well detailed. I have since tracked down a UK supplier of these sets. The UK importer/supplier is POLMODELS at polmodels@aol.com. John at POLMODELS was very helpful and informed me that he had the two new sets for the M1A1 HA ABRAMS kit for the REVELL model in stock. He sent the models that afternoon and I received them  the next morning, very good postal service from POLMODELS. He also sent a list of his current releases. Contact John if you have difficulty in obtaining any Eastern European kits, he is very courteous, helpful,and quick with the mail order side.   Both sets cost 6.95 sterling.

Set no.P72-014 is the detail set for the basic kit. And comprises of one fret of brass, with 118 finely etched pieces on it this is the basic detail set and not only gives you a fantastic etched rear basket and side baskets, but also frames for all the optics, grills for the engine decks and rear hull plate, handles for all the various panels, and detail additions for the two hull mounted mgs.  The instructions are on a single A5 double sided page. eight stages to the construction/detail steps.  I am very mpressed with the rear turret basket, which is made up of no less than 10 parts. The only negative side to the set is the etched metal tow ropes which are too flat and are better replaced with fine twisted wire.

The next set is no P72-015, which is for a FULL WIDTH MINE PLOUGH, again for the REVELL ABRAMS kit. and comprises about 114 parts. This set deals purely with the full width mine plough. This set is design for the ABRAMS kit but could with some alterations be used on any of the following MBT's M60,  MERKAVA, AUSTRAILIAN LEOPARD 1A4. as the  AMERICAN TRACK WIDTH MINE PLOUGH is a copy of the ISRAELI mine plough, which in turn is a copy of the RUSSIAN mine plough. you could with alterations use it on RUSSIAN tanks as well.

The set is very delicate and will need careful handling both during construction and afterwards. This set also requires some plastic rod to complete the model. the main support arms are made up fromfour pieces of flat etching, i am not to sure if this is correct as it may be of a round section on the real vehicles, the Russian / Israeli mine plough may be of round section.  The instructions for this set are four A5 pages detailing 11 stages.

Both these sets are very well thought out, and will with patience result in a fantastic model. that will turn more than a few heads at shows.  

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