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Extratech Small Scale Kits/Detail Sets

Ian Hanratty




The photo is of the kit box top. This box is fairly strong and protected the models during postage.

All the resin and etched brass are sealed in small plastic bags. The only drawback is that the bags containing the etched part and the resin parts are loose in the box, this has lead to the etched parts being slightly bent at one corner. A shame because if a little packing material had been enclosed this would not have happened.

A slight discrepancy that should be easily sorted out; this will improve the overall professional feel to the kit.

The kit is made up of resin parts for the main cab / body of the aerosan, the engine block, cylinders, engine casing, propeller, and the ski suspension. The etched parts are for the rest of the vehicle number some thirty three parts, the resin castings are very well cast with little flash and only a couple of airbubbles.

The resin parts are well cast and fairly flash free, there is only a couple of airbubbles that are easily filled in with your favourite filler, the engine block is very nicely done, with separate cylinder heads.

If this is the quality of EXTRA TECH aircraft engines, I sure hope they do a MERLIN for the SPITFIRE in this scale.

The etched parts are very delicate and well etched, there is no flash on these etching, and the attachment tabs are not too thick.

As is know usual with etched kits there are one or two parts that I feel would have been easier and better cast in resin. The machine gun is made up of five separate parts. Also the spade would have been better in resin.

The decals consist of three numbers for one vehicle, they look well printed and in register.

The kit looks very well produced and I am really looking forward to building it. The kit instructions are well laid out, and give you a six step construction guide. There is only one choice of markings/colour scheme for the vehicle.

The next two items are etched detailing sets for the new REVELL kits of the CHALLENGER 1, and the ABRAMS M1A1 HA.

The packaging of the etched sets is similar to the AIRCRAFT detailing sets. And these are well protected in a clear plastic sleeve mounted on a card cover. The set instructions are enclosed in the back, detailing the steps to the use of the items included in the set.

The etched set for the ABRAMS consists of the replacement following parts.

Turret baskets, Sight doors, Light guards, and rear engine grills. There are also some handles and tow brackets included, as well as a replacement bolt plate detail for the drive wheels. This looks as if it will be easier than the Part models set to use

The CHALLENGER set is very good with three replacement baskets for the turret, and a set of jerry-can holders for the turretsides. Again light guards are supplied, as are doors for the TOGS and commanders sights. I really like the front turret basket, which is a sod to scratchbuild.

Both this set and the ABRAMS set are well produced and are the basic requirements needed to upgrade both the REVELL KITS. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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