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Extratech #72006 Panther A, D & G

Stephen Brezinski

EXV 72 006, for Revell’s 1/72 Panther Ausf. A, D & G. Having 33 parts, included are a star antenna for a command Panther, eight turret-side hooks for mounting spare tracks to the turret, turret lifting rings, turret smoke candle brackets (for the Ausf. D), periscope guards, a three-part Mg 34 machine gun and hatch handles. No engine screens are offered. The beautifully detailed Mg 34 laminates together to give depth though could use a little filing on the barrel to round the edges, and a little white glue on the stock to give thickness. Rather than delegate it only to the Revell kit, this set will dress up ESCI’s, Matchboxes’, Hasegawa’s and Fujimi’s Panther kits as well. Many items are also good on the various Tiger II and Jadgtiger kits, as the Panther and Tiger II had many similar fittings. Like the three sets above, the directions are clear and detailed. Recommended

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