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Extratech #72004 Jagdpanther

Stephen Brezinski


EXV 72 004, for Revell 1/72 scale SdKfz 173 Jagdpanther. This set is comprised of 17 brass parts. There are four periscope guards, various tools, towing rings, hatch handles, and a six-finger star (crows foot) antenna. No side skirts like the Eduard set, which can be scratchbuilt out of sheet styrene. The star antenna is a nice gem that I have not seen offered anywhere else. Engine screens would be a nice addition though could drive up the price. The screens could be made using fine etched screen available (such as from Fotocut Company). Like the other kits, this set is useful for more than just this kit. Also use it with ESCI’s, Fujimi’s, and Matchbox’s Jagdpanther; as well as Panther tank kits. Rather than compete with Eduard’s larger and more expensive detail set, it complements Eduard’s set with additional items.

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