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Extratech #72003 M4A1 Sherman

Stephen Brezinski


EXV 72 003 is for Revell’s 1/72 scale M4A1 Sherman kit. This set has about 30 parts. Included are delicate wire guards for the periscopes, lifting rings for the turret and chassis, a shovel & axe, 50 cal. mg details, light guards, and a turret-rear mg holder. Again, this is a nicely done detail set also suitable for ESCI’s, Matchbox’s, Fujimi’s, Airfix’s, and various resin or white metal Sherman kits and their variants. You may wish to replace the flat etched lifting rings with round copper wire, or you can give a coating of Krystal Clear or white glue to give the brass some thickness. Items like the light and periscope guards have always been one of the toughest things to replicate in plastic and scratchbuild. Adding these items will significantly dress up a kit.

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