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Extratech #72002 ZIL 157 truck


Stephen Brezinski

Number EXV 72 002 for MAC’s 1/72 scale ZIL 157 Truck kit. The MAC kit is of a contemporary Russian military truck and is offered in at least three variants. The EXTRATECH brass set has 17 pieces and is useful for all the versions. Included is a roof rack for the cab, a beautiful steering wheel (my favorite part), light guards for the fenders, tow hooks for the bumper, two side-view mirrors, windshield wipers, and a fire extinguisher holder. Detail is very nice and the instructions are good and clear. The tabs holding the items to the sprue are small and easy to cut.While examining the set I realized that many of the parts are also useful for other 1/72 and 1/76 kits such as AER’s Zis-5 and Studebaker trucks, ESCI’s Opel Blitz, Airfix’s Opel kit, Hasegawa’s GMC kits and a number of resin auto and truck kits. Most of these have no brass detail sets available. This is one set I will be picking up more of, especially for the steering wheel.

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