MA Mori MRP-01 KV-1s, KV-85, SU-152 late type standard wheels

Andrew Dextras

The Eastern Express KV/SU series of kits were a welcome addition to the range of Russian WWII 1/35 scale kits on the market today.  Although basically sound, molding on some examples is "flashy" at best and detail is a little soft in areas. 

Modelling Artisan Mori from Japan provides the modeller with a set of highly detailed roadwheels mastered by Kunihito Kawamura (see for more information about Kunihito-sanís works) crisply cast in light gray resin.  The casting quality is superb with excellent definition on both roadwheel sides.  Cleanup is almost nonexistent.

Overall, a nice upgrade to the kit parts and a nice addition to the Russian 1/35 aftermarket.

M.A. Mori Website