Armada BT Tanks

Andrew Dextras

Published in the same hardcover format as Armada's excellent "Unknown T34" this book spans 184 pages and as to be expected covers the A to Z of the BT series tanks with over 430 photgraphs.  From itís beginnings as Walter Christie's innovative design to the large variety of experimental variants this book has it all.  The book covers each BT version with good "factory" type photos showing many of the tank's components in good detail as well as some nice 1/35 scale drawings.  Really helpful stuff for anyone building the new Eastern Express kits.  There are also some nice colour plates included.

The number of "wild" BT versions really boggles the mind and this book seems to have them all: flamethrowers, remote control tank, fascine carriers, bridgelayers, floatation gear, mine rollers and sit down for this oneÖa flying tank!   Don't ask.   There is an excellent selection of field photographs too as well as some interesting photos showing typical battle damage suffered by the BTs.

Again, the only negative is the lack of English text.  Perhaps Armada will hire Cookie Sewell or another bilingual armour expert to translate their next book in this series.  Let's hope so, it's probably the only thing that could improve this book.

Highly recommended for Russian armour fans.

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