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Archer Fine Transfers #35034 WWII Czech Turret Markings

Andrew Dextras

This dry transfer sheet allows the modeller to finish that JS-2, T-34/85 or VT-34 project they've been waiting to complete due to lack of proper markings on the market.  The advantages of quality dry transfers are very obvious: no need to gloss coat/flat coat, no need to use tricky decal setting solutions and the huge time savings involved make dry transfers the ultimate solution for AFV modellers.  Up until recently, the choices were either non-existant or highly dubious in quality.  Archer Fine Transfers is changing all that.  The markings included on the 3-1/2" x 5" sheet include 120 turret numbers and 24 national insignia.   The turret numbers are very nice in that they come in both the factory style and 3 variations of a hand painted style.  A very nice touch.  Highly recommended.

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