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Panzer's Tactics: Painting and Weathering Military Vehicles

Volume One: World War Two

Andrew Dextras

One thing that has been desperately missing from the AFV modelling world is a step by step book designed to help modellers learn new techniques and improve their skills. Previous "how to" publications like Shep Paine’s books or Tony Greenland’s Panzer Modelling Masterclass were either too general in scope or geared towards advanced modellers. All this has changed now with the release of this new book from Letterman Publications. Award winning modeller Chris Mrosko presents a 60 page step by step, full colour method for painting and weathering AFV models.

The first chapter covers German vehicles and begins with a discussion about equipment and general notes about building the Stug III Ausf G (in classic 3 colour scheme) used as the demonstration vehicle. The next 22 pages feature 2-5 images per page in full colour showing every step in the painting and weathering process. The images leave no stone unturned and cover everything from basecoat to washes, drybrushing to paint chips and track weathering to markings. This section is really the core of the book and there are some really neat tips and tricks to be gleaned from it.

The second chapter covers the painting and weathering of Allied vehicles with the new Tamiya Jeep as the subject. 10 pages cover Olive Drab weathering with step by step images of each stage of the weathering process.

The third chapter covers painting and weathering a winter whitewash using Tamiya’s Tiger II kit. Chris shows that a model sitting on your shelf for years can be given new life by simply applying some specific techniques. One innovation is the use of Tamiya thinner on the white acrylic paint and then dragging downwards with a brush to create a streaky weathered effect. Very interesting stuff.

The final chapter is a model gallery that showcases some of Chris’ award winning models. The selection of models chosen for this chapter is very good as it covers a wide variety of subjects including German, British, American and Russian AFVs.

In summary, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in AFV modelling. Everyone from beginners to experienced modellers will benefit from trying out the techniques covered in Panzer’s Tactics. Highly recommended! 

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